sticker-le-phoenix-7-ambiance-sticker-KC7136ghosting, the act of deleting a person you are in a relationship of some kind with, like they never existed and without any closure. so easy to do now a days with text messages and email. i think it is evil, cruel and disgusting. if you cared  once for someone you wouldn’t just remove them from your life without a good by or “hey it just wasn’t meant to be. how tough is it to say that compared to just removing someone from your world that you have been involved with and supposedly loved. its all about control and leaving you without any closure making you wonder what is wrong with you or what did you that is so unlovable about yourself. cruelty at its finest.


  1. Well on 1/6/2014 while I slept my husband packed all of his clothes, a flat screen, blueray DVD, and a stereo and moved out; left me with nothing, no food, money, nor car. I was shocked, who does this after 32 years of marriage. What kind of human being walks out and leaves you so deep down in a whole (that he dugged for me) with nothing. He also had not been paying any of the bills, everything was 3 months past due. The most devastating part of this was it was like I was nothing, worthless. Dead to him. That’s the part that hurt me to the core of my soul. So now I know the term for his actions, he ghosted me. Today I am safe and free, yes ghosting was cruel and heart breaking, but I now feel he did me a favor.

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      • I am working on a post for my site. I am doing okay I still have a huge hole to climb out. But mentally I’m so much stronger. I lived in so much fear and uncertainty it took me awhile to stop being In that state of mind. The way he left too did a number on me But I am getting better. I never knew that there was a term for what he did. I am just so thankful for your post. I would like to re-blog your blog on my site as a lead into my status now. I can’t tell you the clarity and validation it gave me.

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      • thank you so much for your response and im glad to hear you are doing better. I didn’t know what happening either to meat the time it wasn’t until my discard that I found out he was a sociopath then I had to do a lot of research to understand what that meant but once I did there was no going back. once you learn the truth it sets you free. and yes please re blog anything to spread the word im so glad it helped you.

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      • This is a reblog from another blog. You can connect to her posts to find out details of what happened to her by clicking “view original post”

        I have been through similar things. The damage is psychological and mental. It has the tendency to confuse your reality for a long period of time.

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    • It is inhumanly cruel. I was also left once by my ex husband, with no food, no money and no job because he had told me to stay home with the kids.

      Even social services had trouble believing me. They had to investigate my story for 2 weeks before finally agreeing I was telling the truth, in order for them to approve me for food stamps.

      It is so heartless the way they can turn their back. Once they are out the door you are outta site, outta mind, out of existance in their reality.

      I am so sorry you had to go through that. And sorry for both of us and the others too. The awareness on the blogs can help validate people and connect us with someone who will believe us.

      People never believe these stories unless they have experienced something similar.

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      • so true hon, it seems you have to go through it to understand the dynamics. that is sad but true. validation is so important to healing and I hope you have gotten that validation and can move on. if not im here to validate everything you have said because its the truth. together we empower each other with the truth !!!


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