why would a human being who has once loved you and been a huge part of your life stonewall you and give you the silent treatment? this is considered to be such an abusive, cruel, damaging and hateful act one can commit. the person this is done to is left feeling like they are nothing. realizing you never meant a damn thing to someone who was once your reason for living is devastating. it is emotional abuse of the worst kind and is common behavior in sociopaths and narcissists. it is done intentionally to make the receiver feel worthless, it destroys ones self esteem and causes physical pain and can leave one permanently damaged in the worst way. it is a cowards way to dismiss someone from their life without any explanation of why. people who use this treatment with someone who used to be a big part of their life or someone they say they once loved are insecure, mentally ill, lacking in empathy, immature, selfish and self centered beyond understanding and a controlling ego maniac.  it makes  the sociopath feel good knowing they hurt you in such a cruel and inhumane way. blocking you from their life like you never even existed.


  1. My Dad has just done this to me for 7 months after his suicide attempt..Before he made his attempt, he called me and told me I am the most precious person in the world to him, and after the suicide and in recovery he punished me, because I took some money from a shared account, in order to protect him from his impulsiveness..I told him I am keeping it aside, in case I need to help him in the future when his narcissistic wife throws him out of the house…He chose to believe that I am evil and has since ignored me. I went to his place of work when I returned home, to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and apart from being completely shocked that I turned up with my husband, he ignored us the rest of the time. He also had removed my photo from his desk, after 30 years of having it there. He is a sick man and it has been extremely painful for me, after all the trauma of his suicide attempt. All I can say is, don’t give in to the silent treatment and stay away! No matter who this person is..x

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    • the silent treatment is used a lot by sociopaths it is one of the cruelest most damaging forms of abuse, don’t fall for it. be done with anyone who treats you this way family or not. I hae zero to do with my ex sociopath. good luck to you.


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