Clint Smith: The Danger of Silence (TEDTalk)

scream till you are heard, you will find you are not alone. spread the word to the world until she listens. namaste

Picking Up the Pieces

I learned the hard way that silence is never best. Heinous, cruel, desperate, appalling, hurtful, malicious, painful, devastating things happen in silence. For all those who don’t understand why I speak, why I persist, why I share my story and bare my scars and vulnerability to the world, I speak because my voice is what saved my life. And saving others from what I endured, helping others escape to safety, guiding others as they rebuild their lives and find their voice, laughing with them, smiling, and crying through their heartache, connecting with them, and walking beside them and watching them rediscover themselves is more important than your comfort. I will speak and strip you bare of your denial. I will reach out and rip away the tapestry of shadows you have woven intricately around your world and expose you to the light. My voice will echo. My voice will sound…

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