sometimes i question myself just for a second then i go online and see all the different names you use. i see all the pictures you have posted of yourself without a shirt on and i think , does he really think he is that hot?  im sure it seems perfectly normal for him to be on social media without his shirt on but if he only knew.  he would think so , narcissist.  to me its one of the biggest red flags out there that he has a personality disorder.  but how many different alias’s does one person need unless to deceive others?  not to mention the 20 year old profile pictures he puts up of himself.  seriously, who are you?  20 year old pictures of what you looked like in your 20’s?  news flash, you dont look anything like your pictures you post.  i guess its all part of the deception game you play.  claiming to be looking for your soulmate, someone to share your life with,  just you and him.  oh but you forgot to  tell me that you are really into group sex and open relationships.  yea that was a little different than who you portrayed yourself to be.  everything you ever told me or led me to believe was a blatant lie.  i see now how everything you said was a lie of some kind.  narcissitic sociopaths are such liars the scary part is they lie so much they believe themselves.  i dont envy you on judgement day thats for sure.

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