its been awhile now since my relationship with my sociopath came to an abrupt halt. i look back at the beginning of my journey and see where i am today and to say i have learned so much is an understatement. i didn’t write about my recovery here i joined a support group called Daily Strength and that is were i poured my soul out to strangers who have now become a group of women and even men who are my dearest friends. i don’t know if i would still be here today if it hadn’t of been for there support and understanding of the devastation and loss i was going through. this has been an experience that i will never forget nor have i learned about a topic as much as i have sociopathy and the result to its victims. it seems to be as many as 1 in 20 people have this personality disorder yet it is a very taboo subject and not one you can just go out there and find any kind of ” in person ” support groups so i had to go online, not a place i am very trusting to be anymore since i met my ex there. it doesn’t take you long before you figure out why this topic is not discussed. many of our high ranking government officials are thought to be sociopaths all the way up to many presidents, that alone may explain a little why we don’t teach our children in schools about these bad people walking our planet, which we should. or as many of us feel it is not something easily understood until it happens to you.

support is so important when going through something so lonely so i decided to start a support group on Facebook in 2014. i didn’t expect to it to go far its a closed group so it isn’t really advertised much but it has taken off and people are coming out of the woodwork to join. i feel like ive given back to all those people especially one girl who writes all the way across the world one person got me through till i found the other side. she is my inspiration and one of the dearest friends ive ever had. one day it would be so nice to meet her in person.

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