a friend and i were just talking about removing people and there drama from your life and how peace is your reward. it can be hard for you to say no to people but this is something you must learn to do. most of us empaths find it hard to say no, we do things we dont want to do for others because they try to manipulate us into thinking we aren’t being a good friend or some other emotional black mail. one of the lessons to be learned in this experience is how you use your boundaries for yourself protection and your life. i never had any boundaries in place my whole life until recently. i was continually walked on and used. its a horrible feeling, causes you stress and destroys your self esteem. be done, take your peace back. if someone is trying to manipulate you into doing things you don’t want to be doing, really think about what your actions will bring you. is it something you want to be doing, are you helping or enabling the other person? most times youll see its just enabling them so they can get what they want. do they care about how you feel about what your doing? its one thing to be kind , another to be used. you and your feelings come first. you matter. if someone is taking advantage of your kindness say no and be firm. remove these emotional blood suckers from your life. by doing so you will grow and change how you see yourself. put your boundaries up in place and dont budge no matter what they say about you. taking care of you is your job no one else s make sure you remember that you come first. then peace will come from inside you not from any body else. that is true peace…….

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