there is nothing healthy about a sociopath or the way they have treated us. try not to look for answers you may never find. the hurt is part of what we go through to get to the other side try to just walk through it i know how badly it hurts i remember well. it still rushes back at me at moments and i tell myself i did not do this i did not deserve this, he is broken i am not. its the same for you, you did nothing to deserve this but the universe ( god, whatever you use ) is doing this so you wake up and find yourself and you will. the universe has something better for you. help others who are going through this too its very healing. and remember you are not alone in this.

5 thoughts on “SOCIOPATH

    • thanks im doing great actually , most of the time 😉 i even have my own support group on facebook 437 people and counting !! just trying to give back what was given to me !! thank you so much for following me and i love your blog !!

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      • You are very welcome. I am not on facebook anymore, as i was stalked and harassed on there, thats why i came over here to get away from my harassers. Unfortunately they found me here too, but i have tons of support and friendship over here, who all know what its like to be in the same situation as i am. Thanks for liking my blog, i love yours too. We are always here if you need any support or help. ♥

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  1. Brilliant observation! It’s been tearing my heart out, that I may never really know if my thumbs are really fingers, or not :O(

    You are so good, wise and kind, I try to hide from you, that you may not so my filth! Obviously, you’re much better with words than I am! You intrigue me!

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