I think one of the key words here is dating!!!! don’t go out looking for a new relationship, don’t go out with just one person and don’t get to close. there is nothing wrong with dating and your healing continues on through this process so don’t go jump into a long term relationship right away. i have talked to a few people here and it happened to me to, i have only dated 2 men but both of them were a lot like what I would consider personality disordered, so take your time and really get to know the person, watch very closely if the red flags are there you will see them. follow your gut and your intuition its always right. its not that uncommon that you attract the same kind of men again s don’t get discouraged, yes it hurts but you learn to follow your instincts and then you begin to change not allowing these kind of men in your life anymore. it took me a year before I even considered dating but that’s just me.

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