today has been a strange day. it has been one of those times where you sneak into my head. one of those times that i wonder if you ever think about me. most days i know you don’t but
there’s just something about today. i spent so many days just talking to you, listening to you tell me your lies. for so long i believed them. your undying love, how you will always be connected to me. how nothing could come between us and how we would always be friends. how special i was and how you had never felt such love before.

i read your poems today. they used to mean so much to me, but now they are just empty words. words that mean nothing. i remember how much i loved you today and how that is now just a passing thought. i remember today how when we used to walk down the streets of
Cancun and you would always walk on the outside of me to protect me from traffic. how you would hold my hand when we crossed the street. i was thinking of you today, something i don’t let myself do anymore.

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