DIAL 911

when is it appropriate to call the police when you tell your abuser you want out of the relationship or marriage. if he in any way threatens you even the slightest threat, or if he gets in your personal space and is screaming at you, anything he does to make you feel any fear is abuse. if he does start yelling you need to get up and leave and if he tries to stop you that is assault so you go get a restraining order and have him removed until you decide what to do with your home and your life. remember this for sure, who ever calls the police first will be the winner don’t let him call them on you. and he who gets the restraining order first wins because the other person has to leave. make sure you do not hesitate to do these things. a sociopath knows this and will use it against you even making up lies saying you assaulted him. our court system works for who acts first you dont want to be on the other side

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