even if the NARCISSIST is  spreading rumors about you, calling you crazy, running a  smear campaign and trying to destroy you, show no emotion. when we get upset and attack back it MAKES us look crazy, just reaffirming what they are telling everyone. then people think , oh your right she is nuts. by reacting your feeding into what the narcissist wants, dont give them the satisfaction thats how they win. if you dont respond people will soon see your not the crazy bitch he says you are. use the grey rock method always this is especially important in courtrooms and trials. SHOW ZERO EMOTION, GO NO CONTACT, DONT PLAY OR FEED INTO THEIR GAMES, BECAUSE IT IS A GAME TO THEM AND IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO PLAY IT YOU WILL LOSE.

8 thoughts on “SMEAR CAMPAIGN

  1. I agree, although I must admit I created my blog to expose my narc – and I don’t regret it. I believe in staying silent enables them to move on (which they will do anyway), with no-one really knowing what they are about. I mean I have evidence of my treatment, so this helped me. I am aware however, that many don’t.
    I am no contact with him and his family. I’m glad I cut them all off.

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