i think we all feel this way at some point in our healing. wanting justice for the wrongs done is a pretty normal reaction i know i did, there are still moments i want revenge but i just don’t act on it. you have to ask yourself if it would make things better or worse for you? if he is out of your life now do you really want to do something that could bring him back with a vengeance? when crossed sociopaths can come back and do a lot more damage, its what they do best. do you want chaos in your life or do you want to find peace? i know none of this is fair, we are usually left with no closure which in itself is bad enough but seeking revenge will only keep the drama going and keep him focused on destroying you. don’t do it its not worth what you will go through. every day this thought goes through my head but i just don’t act on it today. this feeling does get better and lessons with time. work on your healing and try not to focus so much on him. that too will come with time

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