so many ask why this happens , are they attracted to us for some reason? the answer is yes. they are attracted to those who are kind and naïve and giving., those with kind hearts also and most importantly they are attracted to people with no boundaries. if you don’t have good boundaries in place history is going to keep repeating itself. place your boundaries now firmly in place and let no one cross the line of your boundaries, this will change your life in so many ways for the better, this includes friends and anyone in your life, you must do this to heal and to protect yourself from evil people who don’t have your best intentions at heart.. ‪#‎donoharmbuttakenoshit


I played the game for a long time. keeping you still in my life trying to remain friends.  it doesn’t work with a sociopath. they don’t just stop manipulating you or gas lighting you they dynamics of abuse continue. I know they say just go no contact but it was so hard for me to give up. it was like you put a spell on me.  I finally sent you a message telling you I know what you are and that I release you from my soul for good.  I have never spoke to you again. breaking that connection was the best thing I could do to continue my healing and now I have finally reached the other side of all this pain. I am dating someone now and moving on with my life. I am making new memories to replace the old ones of you. life does go on after a sociopath.