Domestic Abuse Re-traumatization and Isolation

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

Domestic abuse shatters your self esteem because you are treated in such an inhumam way. No…worse than that…you are treated worse than an animal.

Domestic violence and mental / emotional abuse take away your dignity and leave you feeling heavily weighted with shame. It is hard for people who have not been through abuse to understand the shame, and it is hard to explain to them.

The events which occur behind closed doors, in an abusive house, are dofficult to tell people about. If you try to tell them and they do not believe you, this can be very painful and re-traumatizing.

Because you cannot tolerate any more pain, you will likely give up after being re-traumatized a few times by people you thought would believe you.

Some of the events are harr for people to believe, particularly if they knew your abuser, and the abuser treated them completely differently…

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Happy New Years 2016

I never write here anymore. it is now 2016 and I have realized how over you I am. I don’t think about you anymore, I am dating someone else now and I have never felt more complete and happy with my life. I want to thank my sociopath for teaching me the lesson of my life. I now see just how much I have changed for the better, I have a better understanding of life and how it should be lived all because you broke my heart 4 years ago. I am grateful for the lesson you put before me. everyone who encounters a sociopath in there life must walk this path to healing I just now realize I have made it to the other side. I now help others heal and recover from this affliction and I couldn’t feel better about myself. you have no idea the impact you had on my life and I have to thank you for teaching me boundaries and how to really care for myself. if you hadn’t done the cruel things you did I would have never learned the things I have , so yes I am grateful to you. I never thought I would be able to say that. I have come out of my dark night of the soul for good, my new relationship is based on trust and kindness, a real relationship, one that can grow and flourish not a fake lie. so to my sociopath thank you for breaking my heart and letting me go, the day I released you from my soul was the day I set myself free. there is no more tunnel left to come out of I am free !!  thank you Mr. sociopath. always follow the light one day you will reach your destination for me that day is now. Peace