When you know what you need to do

when you get that feeling in your stomach, that unsettled stirring inside your soul. your intuition is screaming at you but you don’t want to listen. because to listen means once again you need to go your own way. there is nothing worse than the ending of a relationship. and where there is two people there is some kind of relationship going on. for me this is the hardest to do, I don’t want to go back to my boring life pre him. which is a whole different story in itself.

I don’t want to be treated like I’m second class. you know the type, you can spend years with them but they don’t want to be serious. the emotionally unavailable man. completely void of feelings, empty, except when your being intimate then they treat you like the love of their life. two totally different people exist within one. its the most confusing message there is. when its good its good when its bad its like an empty terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach.  all your instincts are going crazy at one time. is he cheating? When you know deep down inside he will if given the opportunity. your intuition is constantly firing off messages to your brain but you don’t want to listen until its so loud you cant ignore it anymore.

when that voice is once again so loud you cant stand it. you start to look at the truth. you thought you had learned your lesson. what will it take for you to hear enough? when will you stand and say I deserve better? Ending a relationship is hell for an Empath.