i want you all to understand something especially if you are new to healing. it usually takes time and education to realize and get this but im going to plant the seed in your brain.
Empaths are natural targets for narcissists/sociopaths, they are drawn to each other because they know how to read you and they pretend to be everything you ever wanted so they put on their mask. you are an object to them like a toaster you are there to meet their needs only. they use you for what they can get. when you start to notice their games and say something they will start searching for new supply they know the gig is up. the discard , devalue stage begins. they have to destroy you before they go and blame you for the demise of the relationship. empaths believe this and internalize the abuse blaming themselves. the sociopath just won. this is not about who you are as a person, except that you need strong boundaries, but it is no reflection on you. they get off on hurting people, it makes them feel powerful. you really need to understand that they are the sick ones not you. they lie and they cheat and they steal so why would you believe anything they say? usually because they have destroyed your self esteem along the way. we allow them to do this to us. DONT. they USE people they do not LOVE them. its all a game to them choose not to play and dont believe a word that comes out of their lying mouths. THIS REALLY WAS NOT ABOUT YOU, YOU WERE JUST ANOTHER VICTIM TO THEM. DONT GET SAD GET MAD!!! if i could do anything i would make it so you truly understood this. you have to come to terms with this fact to move forward or youll keep getting stuck. they do not love they use people, period and for no other reason than they can. dont let them.

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