Take the time to educate yourself, process what happened, otherwise you risk not healing, continuing to be traumatized, and having it happen again. narcissistic ABUSE will continue into your next relationship if you don’t heal yourself for good.



change comes when we have been devastated to the point your life feels over, all hope is lost and the betrayal is too much to wrap your mind around it. when someone infiltrates your life and is hell bent on destroying you, you are forced into healing, well some, many choose to run to another relationship and the abuse will always be there and continue, but if you are here your being given a new lease on life, all you have to do is the work to heal. you have been chosen. the universe put you here to learn, you are not a mistake you have a purpose in this world we all do. you may be thinking why you, its simple the universe is not done with you, it wants you to grow and change and be the best, happiest person you can be. don’t let abuse define who you are, let healing do that.