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This is a non profit recovery group for women who have been victimized by a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath. our goal here is to seek understanding and acceptance that these people are disordered and cannot be changed. Empaths and sociopaths are naturally attracted to each other causing devastating effects. in this group we promote no contact and healing, you cannot heal in a toxic environment. Education is key to healing. one must fully educate themselves on sociopathy by reading the articles in this group or searching yourself for like minded materials. you must educate yourself to understand what has been done to you so you can learn how to fix it and stop the attraction to disordered people. Boundaries will also be key to your healing, the only way to stop toxic people from invading your life is to recognize the red flags and have very strong boundaries. if your still attracting these kinds of toxic people into your lives your boundaries are not strong enough. Healing takes time, be patient with yourself you didn’t get into this mess over night you wont get out overnight either it takes time. so if your path in life has brought you to this group there’s a very high chance you have a sociopath or narcissist in your life, or you are being adversely affected by an asshole. Remember abuse is abuse you dont need a diagnosis to know you dont want that kind of behavior in your life. Remove all toxic people from your world, do the work and heal yourselves there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Begin today and take back your life. Karen Shaw

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    • nothings impossible, you just have to find the way. document everything you never know when you might need it. be very proactive about your case and keep toxic people away from you. and yes the system sucks. hang tough.


  1. I have done what you suggested from the beginning. disassociated from many and lost lifelong friends by speaking out. Have gained nothing. my neighbor was a psycho. Quite a different situation than a partner.


  2. yeah I know at least one of them is a psychopath (old School) but to think the rest of these officials actually supported him to the extent that they committed crimes on his behalf is pretty extreme. I have known these people my entire life. None of them can claim that I have ever been known to be dishonest or a liar. Where this guy has told more lies than I can count. This is seriously offensive. I cannot just let this happen. I feel like enough time has passed and I have attempted to find a remedy in every possible way I will commit a crime and get some media attention or something. I can’t believe no media has pick this up. I WAS POISONED BY MY LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS FOR THE PURPOSE OF ACQUIRING MY PROPERTY. WHO DOES THAT? NOBODY. THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED. I suppose that is why no attorney will take this case. Or I felt that due to the fact that the acts committed against me are criminal that nobody except a prosecutor can bring charges. I don’t know but social media has not helped me find a remedy. I am beside myself. I really should have shot him dead when he started applying the chemicals on my property.

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    • you are trying to go up against corporate sociopaths, not an easy task. you have to be able to prove what your claiming. No, its not fair but it happens all the time. Im really sorry your being ignored and going through this. the media is your best outlet.


      • The evidence is posted on my site, It could not be more telling, for the most part these people implicate themselves on public record. The documents are original of the city council meeting minutes, I could not make this stuff up. There is no other case on record in which a neighbor is allowed and assisted by local law enforcement and government officials to unlawfully apply poison (glyphosate) to a neighbors property with the intent of causing serious injury or death. The EPA field investigator advised me that this is unheard of. He only gets called out when a factory has an accidental spill. He has never witnessed this type of behavior from a city. My father was a city street commissioner, I am well educated on the duties a city must provide for the residents. In fact these individuals have been holding their positions for years, there is no evidence that have ever participated in any underhanded acts prior to this, this was a brutal attack that nearly cost me my life. When I fled I was blind and severe skin condition caused by the intentional exposure to the chemical made it unbearable to wear clothes. I was homeless for four years after I fled. My Senator began forwarding my evidence and information to the FBI in 2007. My complaint has just recently been brought to the attention of the US Attorney. I am aware of the past two years the SA on my case was in my opinion to lazy to care about his job duties. I want to know what and who was responsible for my complaint from 2007 to 2016. The US Attorney had the audacity to advise me that the statute of limitations has expired.That’s not going to fly for me. It was not my duty to investigate public corruption, I gave them the information and not one of my witnesses has ever been contacted, Conspiracy against rights and deprivation of rights under color of law is a violation of Federal law. Yes to understand my case a person would have to actually read it. I do not believe anyone has read it thoroughly to this day. There is so much corruption in this case only, that I am determined to get this story out and if a National news network gets ahold of it I do not see any reason they would not expose these small town nobody’s for what they have done. Actually they all have more assets to show for their dedication to Mr. Conlee. I have questions that are going to be answered by someone. Its all about self serving greedy monkeys. Had I not been a middle aged female this would not have happened. They would never try to pull this on a man.


      • that is why I made the decision to flee. By rights the local law enforcement had a duty to issue a trespassing complaint on my behalf but this guy had total support of the officials, conflict of interest made is so that nobody had to abide by the law in this case. I did not think having to shoot this guy would be the remedy I should take either but in hindsight I guess it was. I would still have my home, property and business. I would not be disabled. I would have been out of prison by now. If I was even found guilty. We have the right to defend our person and property, ya know.


  3. you would think they would be all over this unprecedented case but I guess I don’t have the clout to get anyone to publish anything about my case. The local media Pen City Current has a file of all my evidence but he won’t publish it because it might cause a riff between the Sheriff and himself. Can’t have that, have to keep corruption covered up. He has told me that the case looks cut and dry. I can say the same the evidence does not lie. The local officials including the sheriff do.

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  4. the evidence speaks for itself, they implicated themselves on public record, I have copies of all the city council meeting minutes. Last April the Sheriff got with the city clerk and warned her to take the city’s web page down because I had links to the particular city council minutes that were all posted on the page. Conspiracy to hid evidence. The city clerk has committed several criminal offenses. One that I don’t know what category to put in, is when the pastor of a church went to city hall to pay on my water bill account. The city clerk told her that any payment on my account must come directly out of my pocket. The pastor said she was livid. The reason I was behind and did not go pay it myself was because my skin was being eaten by the chemicals. I was completely unable to function not to mention it was unbearable for anything to touch my skin, wearing clothes was so very painful.


  5. here are some details of how the city clerk interacted with this neighbor and myself. He is above the law in every criminal act, she is to apparently, the county attorney was informed of this fraud and had a problem with it until the identity of the parties were exposed, then he wouldn’t look me in the eye. Conflict of interest, conspiracy against rights, deprivation of rights under color of law..


  6. One thing I want to mention is that Senator Grassley got involved in 2007. He forwarded all my information and evidence to the FBI. Only recently has the US Attorney received anything about my complaint. He then goes on to claim that statute of limitations has expired. That is not going to happen, the negligence is on somebody other than me.

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