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Just click above and request to join, answer a couple questions and start to heal your life from narcissistic trauma and abuse.


You Matter, Your Life Matters, Heal Yourself In A Supportive Setting.

This is a non profit recovery group for women who have been victimized by a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath. our goal here is to seek understanding and acceptance that these people are disordered and cannot be changed. Empaths and sociopaths are naturally attracted to each other causing devastating effects. In this group we promote no contact and healing, you cannot heal in a toxic environment. Education is key to healing. one must fully educate themselves on sociopathy by reading the articles in this group or searching yourself for like minded materials. you must educate yourself to understand what has been done to you so you can learn how to fix it and stop the attraction to disordered people. Boundaries will also be key to your healing, the only way to stop toxic people from invading your life is to recognize the red flags and have very strong boundaries. If your still attracting these kinds of toxic people into your lives your boundaries are not strong enough. Healing takes time, be patient with yourself you didn’t get into this mess over night you wont get out overnight either it takes time.

So if your path in life has brought you to this group there’s a very high chance you have a sociopath or narcissist in your life, or you are being adversely affected by an asshole. Remember abuse is abuse you dont need a diagnosis to know you dont want that kind of behavior in your life. Remove all toxic people from your world, do the work and heal yourselves there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Begin today and take back your life.

Karen Wilson-Shaw (contact info)


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