Trauma Bonds and Healing


Let’s talk about trauma bonds. So many of you are stuck here and with so many new members that is pretty normal. But how do you stop the pain from a trauma bond? The first step is to go no contact, which stings at first, but it will pass if you stick to it and work on your healing. If you are still interacting with them it is very difficult to heal.
Your body is withdrawing from oxytocin, the feel good chemical we produce when we are in love. So when we say your coming off drugs you really are and it feels terrible. Your body hurts, your stomach is in your throat and the anxiety you go thru is uncontrollable. This is a temporary feeling, if you do the work of healing. Everyone is different so be patient with yourself, it can be weeks, months or years even depending on the amount of emotional abuse and brain washing you have been subjected to. Tell yourself the truth as much as possible, be real with yourself. You did not create this situation, they did you were manipulated so always seek the truth and stay in your truth, not theirs.
Get support, be it a group like this or a therapist if you have insurance. Or both!!


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