I have always been too trusting, after this happened to me I looked at myself and realized I had zero boundaries hell I didn’t even know what they were and I have paid dearly with my life for that. Boundaries are so important it draws the line on how we let others treat us. I would bet almost all that this has happened to didn’t have much in the way of boundaries in place. You decide how you want to be treated from now on by others and you draw a line on what you will except from others and what you will not and no matter how hard it is you remove anyone who crosses the line with you. Do not except poor treatment from anyone ever again. Do this with your head not your heart.

this is also a test for people you may let in to your life. if someone doesn’t respect your boundaries and is constantly crossing them you could very likely being dealing with a sociopath or narcissist. they will NEVER respect your boundaries and this is key to recognizing them.

If someone is constantly crossing your boundaries then they need to go.



Don’t seek revenge on your ex sociopath the odds are it will blow up in your face and you will lose. if you have done your research you will find most back this up. you may think you can argue and win with a sociopath but you cant. they are master manipulators who don’t think they are doing anything wrong. their brains are wired differently and they will not let you have the last word. if your seeking revenge be ready to be hurt and destroyed more by them. the solution is to walk away and try to heal yourself and make a new life for just you. your not going to win so don’t bother….


why we go no contact ( that includes looking at his ( her) facebook or other account profiles…..the longer you go without seeing anything or information about what they are doing the better you will begin to heal. minutes turn into hours hours turn into days and days turn into weeks then months. the longer you go the better you start to feel. that second you decide to peak or send them a nasty msg, it sends you reeling backwards to the pain you felt that first day of no contact. i know i did it. i wish i could learn the lesson for all of you but i cant you’ll either do it or you wont. pay attention to how bad it makes you feel when you do, you just have to start over from the very beginning. and that really sucks. ‪#‎starting‬ over……getting them away from you is the best gift of freedom you can give yourself….