if your new or your missing the ex and he has a new supply, remember this; an abuser does not just leave you and stop abusing. this is something that just doesn’t stop, he/she will keep abusing. if it doesn’t seem like it remember they always start out love bombing someone first, its part of the abuse cycle. they cant help it they always re abuse, its who they are. so if your feeling bad and thinking you weren’t good enough the truth is you became too good for them. while your withdrawing from the relationship your going to feel terrible, this is a given. try to keep your thoughts on what is true not what your mind and body are telling you, because it wants a fix of the abuser and it wants it bad, just know this will pass if you keep no contact. it doesn’t happen over night, you didn’t get into this over night so its going to take time but once you get past this your going to feel so much better. keep educating yourself on sociopathy because that is where your answers lie.

Who are the victims of a psychopath and a sociopath?


Empaths (HSP”S) are major targets for sociopaths. Kind, caring, giving people who have zero boundaries in place in there lives will most likely attract a sociopath into their life. usually they have codependency issues that go way back to their childhood. Empaths and sociopaths are like a magnet to each other. Sociopaths take and empaths give. until there is nothing left. then the sociopath discards the victim for new supply, leaving the empath trauma bonded to the sociopath. it takes years of cognitive healing for an empath to recover from the sociopaths abuse. But it can be done. I’m living proof. #warriorfordomesticviolenceabuseandawareness



I watched a show yesterday about women and online dating. it talked about our approach to men. it was about how we are looking for only good men, responsible, well off, etc etc…. but something he said hit home. say your someone who likes to fix broken men, sees there potential and want them to change into this great guy with your help in the end thinking he is going to love you for it. well in doing this, being the fixer nice person you are sublimely telling yourself your only good enough to find a guy who you can fix, someone who is not complete. your limiting to what you think you deserve when in all truth you don’t deserve someone to fix you deserve someone who doesn’t need fixing but you’ll never meet them because you have limited your beliefs to think you only deserve a man who you can improve a long the way. and that usually never happens you cant fix another person. does that make sense? know your worth and if you don’t yet or right now then don’t date until you do.

another comment the man had on that show was this;
a women was talking about how her ex told her he didn’t know if they would get back together and he was seeing someone else…he said to her and the audience, why is when we men do something bad to you, you women always blame yourselves?????? the man cheats and its your fault cause you gained weight? looked at him wrong???? responded to his adultery with harsh words and that’s your fault??? put the damn blame where it goes and stop blaming yourself because someone is a piece of shit. it has no reflection on who you are its your own twisted thinking. change the way you think. see the truth.

I Know Everyone Is Sick Of Hearing His Name

excellent article regarding Donald Trump

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I have debated doing a post about Trump because the net is inundated with election rhetoric, everywhere you go someone is spouting about him or Clinton, it seems everyone has an opinion.  Friendships are being destroyed and people are being unfriended and blocked on Facebook. People are rioting in the streets, crying and fearful.

Being Canadian I have never paid much attention to US politics or problems in the states, I just kinda thought they lived like we did north of the border. I wasn’t really aware of prejudice, police brutality, Black Lives Matter, and even though I have gay friends and had a gay brother in law that I loved dearly; I never really thought about gay rights. Even with domestic violence, I had very limited knowledge of the dynamics of abuse and I admit I had a pretty narrow and judgemental opinion on the topic.  As is the…

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its so important to understand how a sociopath thinks and feels. think about this… no empathy, no remorse and no conscious. they think they are superior human beings because they don’t use emotion when thinking or acting out. although they do feel negative emotions such as rage, hate, and jealousy. I mean you really have to think about this, no guilt or remorse for any of your actions. always believing you are right, no matter what proof someone may have they will deny the truth no matter what. they are miserable people but its so important for us to know this about them so we can heal our wounds. your dealing with someone who could care less about you or your feelings. its a horrible way to live. do they miss us? no they do not. did they love us? no , not in the way we see love they aren’t capable. remember all this when your asking yourself do they care about me, its so important to know and understand the facts of anti social personality disorder. learn this and accept it so you can better move forward.

An Open Letter To Donald Trump From Some Angry Women. — Drifting Through My Open Mind

Dear Mr. Trump… can I call you Mr. Trump? Is that ok? I want you to be happy, that’s very important to me. Before I get started, let me say this letter isn’t from all women. The Trumpettes surely won’t approve of this message. But this is from most women. We see right through you. […]

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If you go back and everything is the same don’t beat yourself up. Realize he (she) will never change. You will always get the same from a sociopath or narcissist. They do not just change for the better its a trick. Don’t waste your time sitting there doing nothing, taking someone’s shit, be done. Move. Do what ever you have to do to get away from them. The sooner you start to heal the sooner your life will change for the better. But stop beating the shit out of yourself, they have done enough of that to you don’t do it to yourself to.



“this is only a test !!! the universe is trying to teach you a lesson. that you matter, what you think matters, what you feel matters. most of us have lost our identities to these relationships the universe is trying to reconnect your soul. go with the flow, the pain will subside in time. you will not stay in pain and depressed forever, this is temporary. this is only a test !!!”