“Lovebombing, Devalue, Discard and the Smear Campaign

Did you believe you met your soulmate? the one who is your knight in shining armor? did he sweep you off your feet in a very short period of time, treat you like you were the most important person they had ever met? wanted to know every little secret you ever had, constantly asking you questions about yourself, finding out your inter most desires in life only to turn around over night and flip the script on you. every secret you ever told them in confidence will now be used against you in a smear campaign. the more you fight them the worst they will smear your good name. they turn into the enemy over night, cheating, lying, stealing and making up stories about you that portray you as the abuser and them as the victim. they almost always leave you for new supply. they get bored very easy and must constantly have there ego fed by the one closest to them and will discard you to find a better supply to meet these needs. and when they do so they will try to destroy you with lies and slander and the worst part is they are convincing to others that what they are saying about you is true. be silent during this time if people don’t understand then they are not your true friends, remove them from your lifeline you need only true loyal friends at this time if you are left alone with no friends after doing this that’s OK, you’ll make new friends slowly in the future when you start to live again. victims are left devastated and blaming themselves for the narcissists/sociopaths abuse, this is not your fault you have been assaulted by a sociopath / narcissist. educate yourself on trauma bonds and Stockholm syndrome, we have all been touched by a trauma bond and educating yourself about these two things will help you break the bond the sociopath / narcissist has over you. stop the cycle of abuse know that this relationship is never going to survive the damage done to it, it wont ever change and get better, they are simply not capable. sure they can write you promises and swear to you that they will change but it wont ever happen to anyone with anti social personality disorder. the sooner you can accept this fact the sooner you can work towards your healing and please for Gods sake put the blame where it is deserved, with the sociopath / narcissist, not with yourself because you didn’t see it coming. in no way are you responsible for the damage caused by a sociopath / narcissist. so get that thought out of your head, don’t confuse yourself more than your abuser already has.



With a sociopath or narcissist if they are accusing you of cheating mark my words they are doing just that and they can do it but god forbid if you do it. Then you’re a whore. They do it because they can and for no other reason. Real life rules don’t apply to them. They have zero remorse and zero conscience and no empathy. Pretty much they are void and soulless. Sociopaths only love themselves but they are excellent actors and this will be the hardest thing to wrap your mind around. But it’s the absolute truth. They are attracted to your kindness, being naive and having a huge heart. They want to steal your empathy because they have none and feel none. They use people. They are liars cheats and thieves they have zero morals so when it comes to sex they do it with anyone it doesn’t matter who. Is it a set up? Yes. And it will destroy who you are inside you will be left with all the mess to clean up financially and other wise. They simply do not care about anything but themselves. The epitome of selfishness. Does it have anything to do with you or did you do something wrong???? Hell no. this is just the kind of people they are. They have a personality disorder and there is no cure. My advice to you is to move on. Run as fast as you can the other way and save yourself. I know I sound harsh and like I’m a hater which simply isn’t true, I loved my sociopath with all my heart but that didn’t do any good. They don’t ever change their ways and he will die doing the same old thing the only part you can change is who he does it with. Don’t let it be you and don’t ever think it was because of you. You didn’t make him this way and there is nothing you can do to help him. Walk away. No run!!!!!!



I hear this often from so many survivors of antisocial personality disorder. i think we have all felt this way at some point in our recovery. dont feel like a fool these guys are
( can be a woman too) pathological liars and very believable in the beginning. they get away with it usually by being so charming to everyone around you except who they are close to like their partner. and we dont usually know something is wrong until after the love bombing stops and they start to let their mask slip off. do not feel like a fool , they are the fool.


you know whats worse than being alone?  being with an abuser. you are reacting like a victim, (no offense intended it is a normal response for what your going through) you have been brainwashed to think you actually deserve this treatment. so not true. hurt is not love. these men dont love you. try to see this for what it is. abuse. learn about this so you can get out of the abusive relationship and begin to have a good life. there is no future in these types of relationships. the sooner you understand this the sooner you will be set free.



one of the biggest questions I see asked among survivors of sociopaths is do sociopaths know what they are. 

true sociopaths know by an early age that there is something different about them.  they are very aware they do not have the same feelings as normal people do.  there gut reactions are not the same.  by the age 13 they will have learned the technique of mirroring  what should be normal responses to emotional feelings.  they will watch how a normal person reacts to pain and or other emotional situations and pick up these responses from their surroundings that will later set the stage for how they will learn to manipulate and deceive others in the future.  I have found it interesting to go to such websites as sociopathworld.com and read the interactions between sociopaths and other people.  if you ever want to know how a sociopath thinks try this sometime and listen to what they have to say.  it can be chilling when you hear it from the mouth of a true sociopath.  I believe that a true sociopath knows exactly what is wrong with them and has learned at a very young age how to use this to his or her advantage in life.


sometimes i question myself just for a second then i go online and see all the different names you use. i see all the pictures you have posted of yourself without a shirt on and i think , does he really think he is that hot?  im sure it seems perfectly normal for him to be on social media without his shirt on but if he only knew.  he would think so , narcissist.  to me its one of the biggest red flags out there that he has a personality disorder.  but how many different alias’s does one person need unless to deceive others?  not to mention the 20 year old profile pictures he puts up of himself.  seriously, who are you?  20 year old pictures of what you looked like in your 20’s?  news flash, you dont look anything like your pictures you post.  i guess its all part of the deception game you play.  claiming to be looking for your soulmate, someone to share your life with,  just you and him.  oh but you forgot to  tell me that you are really into group sex and open relationships.  yea that was a little different than who you portrayed yourself to be.  everything you ever told me or led me to believe was a blatant lie.  i see now how everything you said was a lie of some kind.  narcissitic sociopaths are such liars the scary part is they lie so much they believe themselves.  i dont envy you on judgement day thats for sure.