Toxic People

DO NOT LET PEOPLE FU#$ WITH YOU.  Yes easier said than done. I know that now more than ever.  What about family?  What about when it’s your child??  This about the lastest trend going on with a new generation of kids growing up today. Discarding their parents, without an explanation of why?  It usually starts when you disagree with a choice they have made in their life.  A choice that you as their mother know it’s not a good one and could bring you much harm.  Yes I said things I shouldnt have I paniced and for that I cannot be sorry.. If I hadnt had that reaction it would mean I dont give a damn about you and I’m sorry but I love you.. 

 so it’s been almost a year, and not a word from you, not a response to anything I have shared with and told you. It has been the worst thing I have ever tried to understand.  Children who walk away from their mothers, or fathers or family or should I just say blood??  Because as far as these kids are concerned this is perfectly normal behavior.  And the amount of parents going through this private hell, alone, is not even comprehendable.  I joined a couple of support groups for parents alienated from their children and I was knocked over by the staggering numbers of children grown ass children behaving this way.. Honestly it made me sick to my stomach.  Do these kids have any idea what kind of pain and permanant damage they are doing to the people who love them more than any body else in their life, they are just to selfish to care.  For any parent who’s child has thrown you away like yesterdays garbage, I am truly sorry for your pain that goes along with this.  I dont think a parent can feel any worse.  And too those children who do this selfish act to a parent who truly loved you??   one day unless you are disordred, you are going to get old and your going to look back on your behavior but it’s going to be too late.  those who loved you will be gone and You will have to live with what you have done to the only true Love you ever had. The people who brought you into this world !!!  Children should not treat those who love them like they are dead because one day they will be.