Some days I see so many say they are done, they will never love again. This always makes me sad. Because if you understood you create what your thinking and feeling about yourself, and it plays out in your daily life. You need to heal and get yourself mentally well before you are going to attract a decent guy/girl. if you are depressed all the time, thinking negatively, i promise you, if you meet someone new they are going to be toxic, just like your mood. We are all made of energy, each one of us, and that energy vibrates out to others. If everything you think about humanity is shit, your going to meet a shitty person. So how do you change this and raise your vibration to a much higher level?? You wake up every morning and the first thing you should be thinking about it what you have in your life that you are grateful for. Gratitude will change the worst of situations, it is very powerful. also you need to start looking at that cup as half full, not half empty, see everything we think is attracting others to us on that same level. The power of positive thinking is a proven, factual way of life that will raise your vibration higher, also and this is a must you must remove ALL toxic people you know that are in your life. There is nothing that will bring you down faster than a negative person or someone who drama just follows them every where. So just know that there are good people out there, if you haven’t met any yet, take a look at the dynamics going on in your life. They are out there.


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